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Judkins to Join Research Cruise

Dr Heather Judkins, Assistant Professor of Biology, has been invited to join a research cruise in mid-October to support her cephalopod research goals. The cruise will be led by the the Northeast Fisheries Science Center (a NOAA facility) and will visit Bear Seamount. Bear Seamount, which is about 160 miles offshore from Newport, RI, is an underwater flat-topped mountain and has been monitored for deep sea biodiversity purposes for the past decade at least. Dr Judkins will be part of the science team that will deploy/retrieve nets, and identify deep sea cephalopods and other invertebrates/fishes.

Congratulations to Dr Judkins.


Smith Signs Book Contracts

Dr Thomas SmithDr Thomas Smith, Associate Professor of Political Science, has signed an advance contract with the University of Pennsylvania Press for his book “Human Rights and War: Through Civilian Eyes.” The book argues that a human rights framework best captures the earth-shattering ways war affects those directly impacted by it. The analysis focuses on the devastation of war on civilian life in terms of death and destruction, collective punishment, shattered economies, torn social fabrics, and collapsed public health systems.

The book is to be published in Penn Press’s well-regarded human rights series, and is due out sometime next year.

Congratulations to Dr Smith.

Freshman Convocation

convocationOn Sunday August 24, USFSP held its tenth freshmen convocation. Convocation welcomes new students in a (more or less) formal ceremony. Just as commencement celebrates completion of a student’s period of study at USFSP. convocation celebrates the beginning.

Highlights of the ceremony included an address to the students by Regional Chancellor Dr Sophia Wisniewska, a brief lecture on academic regalia and their significance by the President of the Faculty Senate Dr Deanna Michael, and the President of the Student Government leading the new students in a recital of the USFSP Commitment to Honor. The picture, which was taken by Thomas Boyd, a student in our Journalism program, shows some of the students during the recital of the Commitment to Honor.

There are more pictures about the ceremony at

Gunn and Students to Present at Conference

Dr AnnMarie GunnDr AnnMarie Gunn, Assistant Professor in Childhood and Literacy Studies, College of Education, and graduate students in the Reading and English Education Master’s programs will give a presentation entitled “Literacy and Technology: Web 2.0 tools for K-12 Classroom Literacy Integration at the annual Florida Reading Association (FRA) conference, which will be held in October in Orlando.  Dr Gunn’s co-presenters are Mrs. Lecia Ackerman, Ms. Tia Sherman, Mrs. Jill Drouin, Mrs. Devara Sims and Ms. Krista Coker.

The presentation grew out of the course “Literature for a Diverse Society” that Dr Gunn taught this spring, and is an excellent example of how our faculty involve their students in their research.

Congratulations to all.

Student Scheuneman Featured on WUSF

WUSF on Tuesday carried a feature on USFSP Education Major Dwayne Scheuneman. Scheuneman is a veteran, an athlete, and a teacher of dance to both disabled and able-bodied children. That latter skill recently brought him to Palestine. The feature, which was aired both on TV and on radio, is available at

Scheuneman deserves congratulations for this recognition but even more for the important work he has been doing both in the local and the global community.

Department of History and Politics Sponsors New Lecture Series

The Department of History and Politics will inaugurate a new lecture series starting this fall. Each year, the department will define a theme and host a series of lectures around this theme. This year’s lecture series is inspired by the centennial of the outbreak of World War I and is called “Thinking Through – World War I”.

The series will kick off on Thursday September 4 with a lecture by Adrian O’Connor (History) entitled “Culture & Cataclysm: From the Trenches to Total War” The lecture will start at 4:30 PM and will be held in the Poynter Corner of the Nelson Poynter Memorial Library.

The department is to be applauded for this initiative.

Corey Givens Publishes in Tampa Bay Tribune

Corey Givens, a major in our Journalism and Media Studies program, has published an article in the Tampa Bay Online.  The article describes an investment of $800,000 by Elihu and Carolyn Brayboy to open Chief’s Creole Cafe and rehabilitate a strip of properties along 22nd Street South.  The article is available at

Congratulations are of course due to Corey.