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Accounting Undergraduate Program Ranked Amongst Most Affordable

Accountant at WorkAccounting Degree Review recently published its rankings for the most affordable undergraduate programs and the USF St Pete accounting program ranked as the 14th most affordable program in the US and the most affordable in Florida. Accounting Degree Review only considered U.S. institutions with accounting accreditation from AACSB, if which there are around 170 in the United States, as AACSB accounting accreditation is generally regarded as the best indicator of the academic quality of the program. More details about the ranking can be found at

Congratulations are of course due to all faculty in the Kate Tiedemann College of Business, and in particular to the accounting faculty.


Open Access Forum

Logo of Open Access MovementOn Thursday October 16, as part of open access week (, and in collaboration with the USFSP Student Government, Dean of the Library Carol Hixson convened a forum to discuss open access textbooks. One of the under-appreciated factors in the public discourse about the rising cost of higher education is the rising cost of textbooks, and the forum heard from a student, a representative from the Library, the USFSP book store manager, and a representative from academic affairs about their thoughts on open access textbooks.

The subsequent discussion, which involved students, faculty and staff, was thoughtful. Thanks are due to Dean Hixson for making this event possible.

Duke Energy Doubles Solar Project Grant

Duke Energy has doubled its grant for a rooftop photovoltaic array and a storage system at USFSP to $1 million. The additional money will allow USFSP to expand the battery storage component of the project. The 100-kilowatt SunSense solar array consists of 328 solar panels on the roof of the parking garage. The panels will be arranged as a canopy so that the top floor of the garage remains available for parking.

Duke Energy is particularly interested in using the project to further its research in the storage of solar power. The problem for Duke Energy is that the peak demand times for power typically do not coincide with the times that solar energy is readily available, and storage is therefore crucial for the company.

We are of course most grateful to Duke Energy for this generous donation and look forward to working with the company on their research on solar power and new power storage solutions. It gives our students a great opportunity to conduct research on alternative and renewable energy.

More details about the project and how it fits into USFSP’s plans is available from the Tampa Bay Tribune at